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. hancock off the back of the rim. kentucky by one at the midway point of the second half. young on the baseline, jumper. underneath jones coming out with it. >> greg: how about the rebound by chris jones. he moved dakari out of the way there to get that defensive rebound. >> jim: putback, too strong by behanan, poythress clears for kentucky. the drive is going to be a charge called. >> greg: good job of moving his feet, hancock, sliding over. he establishes the position before harrison leaves his feet which is another point of emphasis by the officials this season. >> jim: andrew harrison sits down with three fouls. jones, he is called for -- >> greg: i'd have to see that one again. i didn't think that he turned it over. actually i take that back. that's a very good call by the officials. i didn't think the last one was. louisville has gone to the zone because they known this kentucky group has ha tough time of getting the ball in the paint. >> jim: back outside. smith takes it to the paint, draws the foul. >> greg: that's a smart play. literally just threw his body in to hawkin
. a wonderful management/union partnership. i was in kentucky, one of the most productive plants in america. they had 4400 workers counting right now, not including their supply chain. a wonderful partnership between the uaw and ford. and manufacturing is coming back. and so there are many examples of partnerships where labor and management are recognizing we don't fight yesterday's battles. we need to tackle tomorrow's challenges together. >> and there are a lot of fights left. thank you so much. coming up, america's richest people have found a way to get even richer and pass it on. i'll explain next. >>> if you're among the nearest and dearest that j.p. morgan had to chase, you were recently graced with this holiday card in your mail box, showing the first family of finance having a great time, hitting tennis balls inside what seems to be their home, an image that says hey, we're so rich we can destroy our own stuff with a smile. if you think the diamond family has lost perspective don't worry, the message on the back of the card says "all you need is love" at least they were diplomatic e
kentucky, georgia. kentucky, will you campaign for allison grimes? >> no. i'm a traditionalist. >> would you help her raise money? >> i do not and she needs much of my health. she seems to be doing well. >> let me ask about the white house decision to bring back john podesta oh who was a clinton chief of staff. >> when i was told this was , he could hear me yell over the phone. john podesto will bring political savvy to the white house. i think that is important. he was a wise choice. in addition, they will bring another. she will be the personnel representing the white house and the senate. she is just wonderful. the two of them will help so much and getting good, political judgment. >> is this your assessment of the white house that they had trouble with their congressional, political relations? what thet sure calculation has been. as far as i am concerned, we have wonderful people in the white house. it is one of the all-time best white house staff in the country. one has reached a retirement age. him.need to replace >> do you think obama will have a better succeeder? -- sixth year? >
the culinary industry out there. a wonderful management/union partnership. i was in kentucky, one of the most productive plants in america. they had 4400 workers counting right now, not including their supply chain. a wonderful partnership between the uaw and ford. and manufacturing is coming back. and so there are many examples of partnerships where labor and management are recognizing we don't fight yesterday's battles. we need to tackle tomorrow's challenges together. >> and there are a lot of fights left. thank you so much. coming up, america's richest people have found a way to get even richer and pass it on. i'll explain next. patterson i don't just make things for a living i take pride in them. so when my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis was also on display, i'd had it. i finally had a serious talk with my dermatologist. this time, he prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps to clear the surface of my skin by actually working inside my body. in clinical trials, most adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority of people were clea
to buy health insurance was kentucky, where the democratic governor of kentucky wholeheartedly embraced the whole idea of obama care, right, and who famously, the citizens of kentucky have reaped the benefit. kentucky now leads the nation in new sign-ups for health insurance, and that would be huge anywhere. it is a particularly huge deal for a state whose population is as unhealthful as kentucky's is. i don't mean any offense by it, but kentucky's population ranks at the bottom or toward the bottom of the nation's health ratings in lots and lots and lots of different categories, and kentucky has a lot of uninsured people. and it's the exact same deal two states over in mississippi, but in these two states, in the same part of the country, with the same health problems in their populations and a lot of the same challenges, one of them, kentucky, is now best in the nation in terms of people getting health insurance, and one of them, mississippi, is now worst in the nation, and not because they wouldn't know how to fix their problem. they knew how to fix their problem, but they stopped fi
that have had the exchanges up and running, we hear a lot of talk about connect in kentucky and i'll have the kentucky governor steve bashir later in the show to talk about the success they have seen and remarkable success in kentucky and when you opted not to open their own state exchange and the ones they have opted to to expand medicaid and do you think the republicans will regret that decision in 2014? >> absolutely. >> you see, what's going to happen is that people in tennessee and the states around kentucky are going to meet their 14s in ken tuck whole tell them how great it is in kentucky and the people in the other states will say why don't we have that if our state? what's wrong with our legislature? what's wrong with our congressman? he's been telling us don't sign up for this thing. what's going on here? this will turn and bite people who were opposing it all of this time because americans want security around their health insurance. and this is offered to them and they are being given a propaganda barrage that really drives them away from it right now, but it's going come back
that have a huge impact on the people of eastern kentucky. they don't think about the consequences, and i might add bothering to meet face to face with the people they hurt. the e.p.a.'s scheduled listening sessions only -- only, madam president -- in cities far, far away from coal country, both geographically and philosophically. cities including new york, boston, seattle, and san francisco. they held 11 listening sessions in all but the closest one to eastern kentucky was in atlanta. requiring kentuckians to make a 14-hour round trip drive simply to attend. so it's pretty clear from the location of all these listening sessions the e.p.a. did not want any real input. that's why i convened a listening session in pikeville that resulted in the powerful testimony i've shared with my colleagues today. since the obama e.p.a. would not come to kentucky, i brought the voices of kentuckians to e.p.a. we held three panels composed of those in the coal industry, miners and their families. and local elected officials to illuminate the disruption in these communities caused in large part by the war
of time talking about 2016. a little 2015 for good measure because you care about the kentucky governor. the phrase that sums up this year in politics, i will you at the end of the year. all thanks to nancy pelosi. you are watchinged t ining "the rundown." you're comfortable here. it's where you email, shop, even bank. but are you too comfortable? these days crime can happen in a few keystrokes. american express can help protect you. with intelligent security that learns your spending patterns, and can alert you to an unusual charge instantly. so you can be a member of a more secure world. this is what membership is. this is what membership does. when my son was born, i remember, you know, picking him up and holding him against me. it wasn't just about me anymore. i had to quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. chantix didn't have nicotine in it, and that was important to me. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and su
about now? joining me is democratic congressman john yarmuth from kentucky. kentucky considered a poster state for how obama care can work. sir, it's good to have you here. you're from a red state where the democratic governor there made it his mission to get as many residents signed up under the health care law as possible. as a result, we've got more than 60,000 in your home state signing up for coverage as of this week. and in a state where 640,000 are lacking proper insurance. how do you think that the white house's pr push nationally to replicate what we're seeing in kentucky? >> well, i think what is ultimately going to sell the affordable care act is neighbor telling 98 ponen9nene bore, rel telling relative about the positive experiences they have had. in kentucky, that's what's sustained the incredible success we've had is people are saying, hey, this is a pretty good thing. i'm going to try it. that's what helps us sell the program ultimately. it probably won't be speeches, it will be actual positive experiences. >> let's talk about that ripple effect because just this morning w
, especially young libyans, hunger for more than just freedom. they hunger for places like this. kentucky fried chicken. uncle kentucky fried chicken, okay. >> the colonel, his buddies, the king and the clown, have not quite made it here. given the uncertainty of the situation. so in the meantime, places like this have been popping up. >> uncle kentucky. awesome. you know where kentucky is? >> kentucky is from usa. >> a part. yeah. >> yeah. >> this place is new? >> yeah. is new. before gadhafi -- >> impossible. >> yeah. and now, it's normal. >> oh, that's nice. >> how you found it? >> spicy, delicious. johar, like many libyans his age, fought to overthrow gadhafi. he was there, gun in hand, when they stormed gadhafi's palace compound. happy, excited? good day? >> nice feeling. >> yeah. >> nice feeling. nice feeling that gadhafi -- he killed my cousin. how i should be feeling, exactly i feel good. because i want to kill him. i don't want to see anyone dying more. he has killed for nothing. the first thing i think that killing people is bad. he's leave me do that. because if i don't kill him, he
for kentucky. >> good to have you with us. congress is about to take up a compromise budget bill, worked out by leaders of both parties. debate is scheduled to start at noon. for more, we're joined by libby casey on capitol hill. and good morning, libby. major conservative groups have come out against this bill, and how have the republican leaders responded so far? >> they were critical about it before negotiation had settled. we're talking about groups like clubs for growth and americans for prosperity. they're well funded by conservative activists. and what they have in washington, they will go into the state and congressional districts and pour money into congressional or senate races if they don't think that they are being conservative enough. house speaker, john boehner, pushed back yesterday when supporters asked about what he thought of the outside group's criticisms. >> they're using americans and our own people for their own goals. this is recognition. if you're for deficit reduction, you're for this agreement. >> paul ryan is also pushing back the criticisms, saying read the bill.
attorney for the kentucky psychology licensing board, telling me that i was practicing psychology without a license. >> cease and desist. you're engaged in unlawful practice of psychology. >> people all over the country are getting in trouble for giving advice without a license. i represent a blogger from north carolina who was giving out die tier advice over the internet. he got in trouble. i represent a vet who was helping people overseas who have no access to veterinarian. that guy got in trouble. >> it is often the little guy who is the biggest victim of abusive laws. >> am i being arrested? >> you need to -- >> we need check you for weapons. >> these men had the nerve to offer home improvements. >> are you kidding me? >> no, sir. this is not a sting operation. >> because these job seekers did not put up thousands of dollars and take several tests, government cracked down. bureaucracies at a state licensing board offered jobs to people on craigslist who said, i seek work. but when the workers showed up, this happen. >> california's proud of this. they posted this video online. at a ti
the affordable care act. kentucky expanded medicaid led to more than 65,000 enrollment so far. in a visit to capitol hill, the governor said nationwide in his state demands will outdo the opposition. >> people are hungry for it and confused about it as people have been confused about it because of the avalanche of misinformation that has been put out there by the critics of the act. just like in kentucky where folks elsewhere get the information, they like what they find and they will sign up in droves. >> people signing up for health insurance in droves. the horror. don't worry. john boehner is ready to save us all. >> our focus has to be on protecting the american people from obama care. we have passed bill after bill trying to protect the american people from this disaster. so protecting the american people from obama care has been another priority. >> got that? he is protecting us. excellent. our panel is also the opinion writer. also a msnbc contributor. i didn't get to name your fabulous newspaper. we are looking forward to chris matthews interview and sitting down with the presiden
manson family, including charles himself. when she's 15 kathleen maaed docks, living in kentucky, crosses bridge over the river to a town called ironton. goes there because there are some clubs there where people can dance. and at one of these clubs, ritzy rays she meets a man, an exciting older man. 29 years old. his name is colonel scott. colonel is the given name. not a military rank. but he doesn't mind letting the 15-year-old girl think he's a war hero. of course, he actually works in the factory, is married, and has two children. that's the part he leaves out. not long later, kathleen becomes pregnant. she's 15. and she tells colonel scott. the colonel announces he's going dot right thing for her, but he's just been called away by the army. he's going to come back in just a couple of weeks and they'll take care of everything. and so kathleen goes to her mother say she's pregnant, the father is going to marry her. you can imagine her mother's reaction but nancy really does love kathleen, and so she says she'll stick with her. they'll get through this. it's not the child's fault. and
and all the deer eat sat there in that little kentucky all the friends and family is in indiana shouldn't miss the beach lots to keep for me and i'll see you there you see. i wanna say happy thanksgiving to my love life start my son zachary. then my brother in law and my everest. it isn't what he said he predicted united states in november. it is also as a bachelor party d a frosty night states the state fourteen seven thousand american forces in god's time. lead us and are therefore concludes that it seems the dotted line but let's back up plan foresees the two cars one. what we come to the end of this week's episode awful thought the thunderbolt ii minus the knot and taking in the we will be back next week with one humans and humans for both the test on the back and put the hopkins you can watch in a sea world you were ever you go. makes me ask for your own tablet this program schedules on demand video. though my name is pete over night to a boil i enjoyed the us versions available to secure the marketplace today research makes the network. i am. i do. i do. leeds. it did and. i know
received a letter from the attorney for the kentucky psychology licensing board telling me that i was practicing psychology without a license. cease and desist. >> people are getting in trouble for giving advice without a license. i represent a blogger from north carolina giving out dietary advice over the internet. he got in trouble. i represent a vet helping people overseas with no access to veterinarians. that guy got in trouble. >> it is often the little guy who's the biggest victim. >> am i being arrested? >> suspicion of unlicensed activity, we need to check you for weapons. >> they had the nerve to offer home improvement. >> are you kidding me? >> because these job seekers didn't put up thousands and take several tests, government crackdown. >> bureaucrats at a state licensing board offered jobs to people that posted ads on craigslist saying i seek work. when the workers showed up, this happened. california is proud of this. they posted this video online, at a time when unemployment is high, our government attacks people who want to work. stops people from starting business
. >> absolutely. >>> coming up next, it's a dead heat in kentucky, republican mitch mcconnell on the left could face a very tough reelection bid against the woman on the right. we'll dig into the campaign and today's senate showdown and selfie earned the title word of the year. later we'll look at "time" magazine's famous selfies and other memorable pictures of 2013. first, we have today's producer's pick and it comes from myself. i'm very proud. profoundly proud to have recently moderated a u.n. panel called sport comes out against homophobia. jason collins, tennis starmart ina navratilova, joined us on human rights week, and they shared their messages of hope. >> i'm really thankful for all of the people who have reached out to me. >> when jason collins came out this year he got a phone call will from president obama congratulating him 1991 president reagan was in power, so i did not get that phone call. >>> we've come a long way. you can watch the entire video by heading to my facebook page. but a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth. it's durabl
. kentucky senator rand paul. good to see you. >> good to be with you, sean. >> bin laden's dead, detroit's alive? something to that effect? i remember hearing it during the campaign. didn't the president say it? >> if you like your car bailout, you can keep it, period. >> yeah. >> we need to try something different. for 50 years we have been trying government stimulus, trying to bail out cities that have been gone bankrupt. through bankruptcy we can find a new way. so i'm promoting economic free dom zones similar to enterprise zones from jack kemp 20 years ago. this is enterprise zones on steroids. this is a massive giveback of money that's already yours. we are not going to take it from houston to bail out detroit. we'll let detroit keep their money and bail themselves out. it's phenomenal how much money can be left in detroit simply by lowering the taxes in detroit. >> it's like kemp's enterprise zones on steroids. i looked over the plan. you're calling it the freedom plan. you will give eligible areas a reduction in individual and corporate tax rates. correct? yes. we'll take personal
. call centers in kentucky and connecticut had to add staff to keep with the pace of the calls. in order to keep track of things this week, president obama tapped former microsoft executive to takes charge of, the ceo-type position. kathleen sebelius said he's the right man for the job saying he has technology teams and in product development. expect them to work through the holiday. president obama will be checking in while he is on vacation in hawaii to make sure things are going smoothly. the rhetoric surrounding the aca shifted a bit instead of just criticizing the website. they are talking about offering an alternative to the law. >> in a nut shell, we can make insurance more accessible and affordable and responsive to individuals and families. put patients and their doctors in charge of health care decisions instead of politicians and bureaucrats. >> the white house has their own secret weapon after keeping michelle obama away from the health care mess for a while, they decided that now is the time to use their most popular figure to start helping sell the law. speci
confident if you're governor, if you set up a state exchange it would be as successful as kentucky, rhode island, california, new york, would florida and would you resource it properly to make sure it would be beneficial to all of these people? >> absolutely. and you know, you mentioned kentucky specifically. and the governor there has done a great job. >> two senators from kentucky, mitch mcconnell and rand paul who wants to be the president of the united states, these two sno senators have been the biggest obstructers and bad mouthers of obamacare anywhere in the country. look what's happening in their own backyard. >> kentucky is leading the way in health care reform. over the course of the next year or two, you'll have a very big success for affordable health coverage in this whole country. >> the ed show team was on the ground in virginia, ahead of the one of the most important governor races. >> we need terry mcauliffe in the governor's mansion. we absolutely have to have him. >> we hope to never hear the name cuccinelli again after tuesday. >> get out here and cast our vote. >> loo
. not surprising that states would seek some redress. host: taylorsville, kentucky, you're on the line. caller: i am in the network for, and a friend was just diagnosed with cancer and she works at a bowling alley. but the employer do not notify her that the employer did not notify her that she would no longer be covered. somewhere sister went to the they program to find her new insurance, and it was going to cost her $300 a month with a $6,700 deductible. that is not cheap for someone who only works at a bowling alley. and then my other question is, does this employer have the right to do that, not that close to where it is time for her to sign up for the new programs? guest: i think employers were under an obligation to notify their employees about the options for coverage through the marketplaces. i do not know about the specific scenario that the caller is referencing. guest: we would need more but the specifics of that. that sounds about right for how much you have to pay, but depending on how much he earns she might be eligible for still more health. if you're unde
. >> thank you. [applause] >> next on c-span, republican senator rand paul of kentucky speaking yesterday at the detroit economic club about jobs and the economy. after that, "washington journal." live at 7:00 a.m. eastern. followed by a house subcommittee hearing on the status of disability claims at the veterans affairs epartment. [applause] >> well, good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. on this nice brisk detroit, michigan day. it's my honor to introduce dr. rand paul, the junior senator from kentucky, the united states senator. he was elected in 2010 and certainly has made his mark in just a very short time. he has proven to be an outspoken champion for constitutional liberty and fiscal responsibility. and a warrior against government overreach. among his first legislative proposals, cutting of $500 billion federal funding proposal and a plan to balance the federal budget in just 5 years. he has since introduced similar bills with growing support. in the senate, senator rand serves on the foreign relations committee, the health and education and labor and pension, homeland security, a
the ohio river, but this is all rain in kentucky and also in west virginia. this is what's heading our way. you're okay the next few hours, but showers late tonight, that will lead to a wet commute tomorrow morning, a yellow alert and then cold air moves in saturday and sunday will be snow and ice much of the day. we'll talk about that coming up. >>> now getting back to the life of nelson mandela, south africa's president announced that news just a few hours ago. >> it comes following mandela's long battle with lung problems that have plagued him for months now. danielle nottingham has the story. >> reporter: former president bill clinton released a statement saying today the world has lost one of its most important leaders and one of its finest human beings. south africans gather near nelson mandela's home to remember the man that led their country into a new era. he passed away after a long illness that left him bedridden for several months. >> we saw in him what we seek in ourselves. >> reporter: mandela was born into approved family in 1918 and grew up to become a lawyer, but in the
night. they win it 80-45. a lot more excitement in richmond where vcuested eastern kentucky. first half, jevon lewis from the three-point line. and drains it. vcu knots it up at 36-36. final seconds at 66. we are tied. vcu's grant drives, loses the ball, eastern kentucky goinghe other way. the buzzer beater, no good. guess where we're going? a little ot. caution, havoc. rob bradenburg in the corner, rob bradenburg in the corner, nothiyou won't take my life. you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ >>> this is the first time bobby the dog and the owner have seen each other for five years. bobby ran away from home near miami in 2008. just yesterday he was picked up by animal control and brought to the same shelter from which he was adopted as a puppy. the shel
's for us on friday, and then back into ohio valley and western kentucky and tennessee, that's snow, sleet, and freezing rain. that will be season. look at the temperatures weirdly warm out. 63 in leesburg, 62 downtown, and the midnight temperature will end up being the high for tomorrow, but i want you to dress for the 40s, because temperatures will fall all day. yellow alert. dress for the 40s. you wi be in the 40s to come home. mild start, and then a red alert on sunday with the snow and mix on the way. wakeup weather, not too bad. temperatures 55 to 60 to start, and then they will fall. the showers across the board. a wet move going to work and coming home. take a light jacket. temperatures in the 50s, and then in the evening hour, in the 40s. more on the time table of when the snow and sleet will roll in. >> all right, topper, thank you. >>> nelson mandela is dead, and tonight it seems like the whole world is remembering his life and what he stood for. >> reporter: at journey's end, mandela was a freedom fighter and a statesman. >> but at the very beginning, 95 years ago, he was a boy
could face stiff competition from kentucky, where the largest automated packaging center in the world is located. as the holiday season is getting under way, an army of workers is getting under way. >> millions of packages. hundreds of airplanes. thousands of workers and a facility the size of 90 football fields. and a shorter shipping season this year. these folks are taking the containers out of the building. there's tonnes of packages, customers all over the world counting on us. >> this is the ups world port in louisville kentucky where 200 cargo jets land, fly around the world each day until christmas. a fully automated facility where 155 miles of conveyor belts move along packaging. it's the crown jewel in the ups system. it's a large parcel hub facility in the world. >> on a peak day, december 24th, they expect to process 4 milion packages. the company expected volume to be up. >> i'm plying around the world. i'll go on a trip where i'll hit every weather system in the world. >> here at world port there are five full-time metre olss watching the weather, making sure that the 13
for them. and if you're kentucky i think they're showing growth. their backcourt far more effective. james young i liked what he brought to the table on both ends. >> jim: jones, no go. van trees back outside. five seconds. smith, he thought he was fouled. it's kentucky withstanding louisville's early second half charge and wildcats win it. 73-66. james young with a double-double. 18 points, ten rebounds. also had four assists. for greg anthony, tracy wolfson, jim nantz, thanks. this has been a presentation of cws certificates sports home of the 2014 men's national championship. . >>> a man is shot outside a taco bell in falls church early this morning. hello. bruce johnson is off this evening. in falls church, shots rang out in the quiet city this morning, sending one man to the hospital. it happened in a parking lot of a taco bell on west broad street and northwest street. despite the injuries, the victim is expected to survive, but police don't know who is responsible. >> reporter: evidence markers and detectives in the taco bell parking lot in falls church. >> not anything you're expec
to city in kentucky, they remind me very clearly that they are the tea party and they speak for each of their cities and for themselves. it isn't one voice that is the tea party. it is just like anything else. we all have disagreements even within the tea party we don't agree on everything. it is kind of hard to say that the tea party believes in this or this person. it is a little more complicate. >> what's fairly black and white to me, senator, is -- emergence of the senate conservatives' fund of which you are a favorite. they love you to death. we think there is a split in kentucky. >> well, i don't know. i think there's growing pains is a better way of putting it. i have been involved in the republican party since i was a kid. i was there in 1976, the republican convention. my dad was reagan delegate. but ford was the establishment. there was a fight going on tooth and nail for the and soul of the party. parties particularly when they lose a presidential election do struggle and i think we are going lou that. there's growing pains. but i think by and large when i try to emphasize
, kathleen maddox living in kentucky she crosses a bridge of the river to a town called iron tent. sneaks out of the house, goes direction because there are some clubs there were people can dance. and one of these clothes receive raises and know that, she meets a man, exciting aldermen, 29 years old. his name is colonel scott. colonel is his given name, not a military rank. but the colonel does not mind letting the 15-year-old girl think he is a war hero. of course, he actually works in the factory, is married, and has two children. that is the party leaves out. not long later kathleen becomes pregnant. she is 15. and she tells carl scott. the colonel announces that he is going to do the right thing further, but he has just been called away by the army. he is going to come back in just a couple weeks, and they will take care of everything. and so kathleen ghost their mother, says she is pregnant, the father is going to marry her you can imagine her mother's reaction, but nancy really does love kathleen. and so she says she will stick with there. it will all get through this. it is not the chi
-related accidents in kentucky. three died when a car went off a bridge. it happened overnight in a town of newhope, south of view vil. joe, thank you so much for being here with us. two other people in the car survived. tell us how this all started and how those survivors got out. >> well, rosa, in nel son-in-law county, like a lot of other areas, we have hilly terrain and low areas chlts we have lots of streams that catch runoff from our agricultural land that is now there because most of it has been hafbested for this year. in this particular situation we've had in kentucky about 4-5 inches of rape oaf the last 72 hours. the bulk of that rain coming last night. in this particular case, these folks were traveling south of nel son-in-law county, kentucky. >> talk to us about the survivors? >> they were transported to a local hospital. they were treated for hypothermia and disstress. >> now, were there warnings before all of this happened? and did people heed those warnings? >> well, in this particular area, there really was no warnings other than we had posted signs on the road on friday because t
kentucky for his work on this measure, along with the help of the gentleman from louisiana, the republican study committee chairman, for their hard work on the issue. i urge my colleagues to support this resolution. >> the gentleman from kentucky reserves. the gentlewoman from new york is recognized. >> i'm pleased to yield to mr. steny hoyer. >> the gentleman from maryland is recognized for three minutes. >> thank you for yielding. madam speaker, today we are considering a measure to fund government only if the senate and president will agree to dismantle the health care reform law that will help millions of americans access affordable care. that is not going to happen, and it is a blatant act of hostagetaking. the republican cr lays the groundwork for a default on our debt. an unthinkable act by instituting a pay china first provision. it fully embraces the dangerous and irrational policy of sequester. this bill and shines economy and confirms the dissent into and into a national security undermining, and ineffective rendering of our country and our people needs. the majority party with
to be specifically outlined in how they will be paid for. if kentucky's senator, rand paul, extending benefits would weaken america, it's all about the art of negotiating what happen are you willing to give up? it's not about the art of negotiatin negotiating. it's a very different philosophy. rand paul, and many of his friends will give every tax break possible to millionaires and billionaires, we're losing 100 billion every single year because corporations are stashing money in the cayman islands and other tax havens. these guys, rand paul and his friends, have nothing to say about that. when it comes to attacking the needs of working families, whether it's extended unemployment, whether it's cuts in food stamps, whether it's wanting to make massive cuts in social security, medicare, and medicaid, that's where they're coming from. you've got a huge philosophical difference. >> i'm with you here, but how do you negotiate with rand paul and those factions in the republican party to get something that can get passed? >> well, i'll tell you how to do it, we are doing it, you go to the american people.
driving nearly impossible in parts of kentucky. >> i could deal with snow all day long but when it comes to freezing rain i can't touch it. >> reporter: cancellations and delays of more than 3,000 flights. 500 in dallas along. snow and iso heavy it caused this roof to collapse. in some areas temperatures remain as much as 20 degrees below average. with thousands of customers still without power from the storm, there's concern tree limbs and lines weighted by ice could cause new outages for several more days. >>> in philadelphia fans braved close to a half foot of snow as the eagles took on the lyons. >> i'd rather be home in a glass of wine in my hand. >> reporter: in baltimore icy conditions with nearly zero visibility a wild weekend of weather. leanne gregg, nbc news. >> and bill karins joins us with more on this. >> it's been a rough start to winter. >> the cold alone. the heating bills and everything else that comes with it. heading out the ice scraper and rock saulth in the mid-atlantic area. secondary roads, bridges and overpasses, then this cold blast. these are all windchill warn
kentucky wants to start a moving company without having to get his competitor's permission. >> so he started. >> put an ad on craig's list, pickup truck and enclosed cargo trailer and very busy all summer long. >> after a couple years ask you have 30 employees and six trucks. >> over 30 now and clean cut guys. >> the guys showed up exactly on time and loading and working hard. >> r.j. soon learned pleasing customers isn't enough. he got a threatening letter from state regulators. >> we need a household goods permit. a certificate of necessarily saying there is room in the market for us to operate. >> certificate of necessity. >> that there is room in the moving market nor another mover. >> what? a business has to prove it's needed to get a license. >> you essentially have to get competition from your own -- the other firms first. >> and you would have had to have gotten proof for another coffee shop. you wouldn't have gotten it. >> right. competiti competition towards this stuff out better. the consumer is in the driver's seat but not when necompetition has veto power. >> we're worri
in kentucky has had a remarkable journey on her road to medical school. she spent her years in high school homeless. jordan vilines of our lexington affiliate wkyt reports. >> there's not one strand not lit. >> are you serious? >> yeah. well, i kept them all before i started. oi, look. >> reporter: it's a story about perseverance. >> the only way i've been able to succeed is by only seeing one step in front of me. >> reporter: a story about overcoming the odds. >> appreciating the challenge is what kept me kind of protected me from that life that was going on around me at home. >> reporter: and a story that centers around this woman, 25-year-old kayla kinker who at a young age was faced with struggles many of us can't comprehend. >> we would go sometimes extended periods of time without basic utilities like gas and electric or even water. >> reporter: kinker grew up in northern kentucky with her mother living in an environment she calls unstable, sometimes not knowing where she'd even sleep that night or where her next meal was coming from, but during the summer before her senior year of h
thursday at stanford. >>> coach rick pee tino and the louisville cardinals faced the kentucky wildcats. louisville makes the big play of the day. smith, anybody home? you're so vicious! 18th ranked kentucky beats 6th ranked louisville. harrison to pointer, back at you. kentucky wins 73-66. >>> it's not a good sign when the highlight of a bowl game is its venue. the pinstripe bowl pitted notre dame against rutgers in the yankees stadium. how bad was this game? offensive lineman won the mvp honor. rutgers came in 6-6. shouldn't even be in a bowl. notre dame on offense. fullston scoring the touchdown. irish win the pinstripe bowl, 29-16, featuring eight field goals. notre dame finishes 9-4. >>> the belk bowl is in charlotte, sponsored by belk department stores. cincinnati against north carolina tar heels. tar heels led at half time. then ryan switzer takes the punt, then goes back 86 yards and ties the ncaa record with his fifth punt return in a single season. 39-17, to finish 7-6. bearkats close with a 9-4 record. >>> coming up at 10:00, 49ers prepare for their final regular season game
differently depending on where you are. i'll give you two examples. you probably heard about kentucky where the website is going really well. i know the new york times and "washington post" talked about that a lot. if you go to kentucky, what you hear is that mitch mcconnell is still loud and proud saying we should repeal obama care. and the democratic candidate there running and her name is allison grimes. so far even though kentucky has a good website, she is still very weary of this law. her view is still obama care not going to help you win in kentucky. on the other hand in florida, you have charlie crist, now a democrat, running for governor there. he made one of his big issues the medicate expansion which is popular. florida has not allowed the medicaid expansion. and he thinks it's a winning issue with the democrats in florida. >> the website is working better but still underlying issues only just beginning to make head way like identity verification and enkolment data which is leaving some insurers and states like connecticut really uncomfortable and now looking for ways around the
in the town of hughes and ripping off roofs. >> there is more in louisville, kentucky. strong winds from a storm snapped power lines and causing a massive fire at a local ford dealership. thousands of residents were without power for hours but a dozen cars were either damaged or destroyed. >>> five storm-related deaths reported in kentucky. authorities say three people drowned near new hope after their suv trapped in floodwat s floodwaters. two people managed to escape but the others couldn't. >>> rising floodwaters in the town of larue, ohio, forced evacuations. emergency crews went door-to-door telling people they would have to leave their home. they had to use rafts to rescue some residents who were stranded. >>> to show how strange this weather system is, parts of the east coast experiencing record breaking winter warmth. it's something new york city tourists never expected to find this time of year. just days before christmas. >> it's warmer here than in los angeles right now. >> what does that tell you? >> now it's too warm. i'm here in a t-shirt. i have my sweater, i have jacket.
. and i say this is a person who covered politics in kentucky, in new york, new jersey. i have seen corruption in all of the parties, and i have seen it among all ethnicities. not that that is what he was saying. but i have. >> where are you from? >> i am mercy from fort hood, -- originally from fort hood, texas. i am a military brat. my family spent some time at fort clayton in panama. and my parents met in fort campbell in kentucky and that is where i went to high school and college. >> what college? >> i went to bowling green, -- western kentucky university in bowling green, kentucky. the home of rand paul. i will be there very soon. >> how did you get into this business? >> my brother had a paper route when i was a kid and that was back in the days when the papers would be dropped off at the house at 5 a.m. and i would help my brother fold them and then put the rubber bands on them. we were not that fancy. we didn't have the bags. so that is what i did in texas. and i wasn't very good at folding. i was a little busy reading. but my brother wasn't paying me anyway. but i have alw
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